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Interview: Erica Ash of “Survivor’s Remorse” and “Real Husbands of Hollywood,” Talks What Makes Her Laugh, Her Biggest Mountains, and Future Projects


Interview: Erica Ash of “Survivor’s Remorse” and “Real Husbands of Hollywood,” Talks What Makes Her Laugh, Her Biggest Mountains, and Future Projects

Jasmine Edwards

 Copyright, Erica Ash 

Copyright, Erica Ash 

Erica Ash is an actress, comedian, model, and performing artist. She is best known for her roles as Mary Charles “M-Chuck” Calloway on “Survivor’s Remorse,” described on as a “STARZ Original Series about Cam Calloway, a basketball phenom suddenly thrust into the limelight,” and Brigette Hart on “Real Husbands of Hollywood,” a reality television parody on BET, co-created by well-known comedian and actor, Kevin Hart.

Check out the interview I conducted with Erica to find out more about what makes her laugh, how she stays grounded, reflections on the biggest mountains in her life she’s had to overcome, and projects we can look forward to seeing in the future.

Interview: Erica Ash of “Survivor’s Remorse” and “Real Husbands of Hollywood,” Talks What Makes Her Laugh, Her Biggest Mountains, and Future Projects


Jasmine: Erica, you are an actress, playing Mary Charles “M-Chuck” Calloway on "Survivor’s Remorse" and Brigette Hart on "Real Husbands of Hollywood." You are a comedian, model, and performing artist. You’ve also hosted an advice column, The Deviled Angel, which you coined as a “comedic advice column from both ends of the spectrum.” Tell me some things I don’t know about you.

Erica: I'm a travel-holic. I would take travel over shopping any day. I'm a foodie.

My idea of heaven is great food and great wine with friends.

I work with kids. I am Luminary Circle Member of Step Up Organization and also speak at schools. I can also throw down in the kitchen from soul food to raw vegan (when I have time of course.)

Jasmine: As a comedian, your end goal is to get people laughing from their belly. I appreciate a comedian who leaves us with good times that extend beyond the moment, allowing us to take laughs with us on the car ride home, in the bed, and back to work with us in the morning. It’s one of those stress reliever’s and joy bringers that can only be achieved through someone who only wants genuine happiness and laughter for their audience. But then, I wonder, as Rachelle Ferrell so poignantly asks in her song, Nothing in the Middle: “…who makes it alright for the one who makes it alright? And who heals the healer? And who inspires inspiration?” Erica, where do you draw your joy, your strength, and your laughter?

Erica: I love reacting to reactions. Nothing is better in a scene acting-wise and nothing is better with your audience comedy-wise no matter the medium. For instance, on social media I will post something funny and just as my followers will laugh they will post responses all day long which in turn make me laugh.  They go back to watch my sketch over and over and I go back to see their comments over and over. It's truly a symbiotic relationship when your intention is pure. I find that true across the board with giving.

Jasmine: What is the earliest memory you have of making someone laugh?

Erica: Actually, my father and I were talking about this the other day. He told me that when I was about 4 or 5 year old I would get in trouble and would try to talk my way out of it (e.g. "Listen Linda").

Some of my reasoning would be so funny that they would leave the room so I wouldn't see them laughing as they did not want me to think I could joke my way out of trouble all the time.

I remember them turning away from me or walking away, but I didn't know why. Again my intentions were pure. I just didn't want to get in trouble.

 Copyright, Erica Ash

Copyright, Erica Ash

Jasmine: Acting is more than just reading a script, there is an art to it. An art that not everyone is built to practice nor master. There are places you must go in order to really bring out the essence of a character and everything that character has to offer. At the same time, you also have to balance protecting the essence self. Roles have a tendency take you on emotional highs and emotional lows. Tell me how you protect and renew yourself in the dressing room and/or at home.

Erica: I wish I could say I've mastered that but the truth is that is still a work in progress. I really value my personal space and am very selective about who is in my inner circle because I know I am susceptible to other people's energy. I take great pains to control that.  I also meditate and journal to stay grounded in who I am and get things "out of my system" respectively.

Jasmine: Let’s change the subject a bit. You are a successful woman, but this success didn’t get delivered to you via UPS overnight mail. I know success is a series of climbs, avalanches (that attempt to bury you permanently), hills, valleys, droughts, and finally—or intermittently—goodness and overflow. Erica, tell me about the struggle. What mountains did you climb to get to where you are now?

Erica: The biggest mountain I've had to climb [is that] with self. Self tells you to believe what the naysayers say because there is a part of self that is always naysaying. Self-worries and fears and doubts. This never completely goes away but swinging that pendulum towards the more positive end of the spectrum is the only way to truly be successful at anything.

Another big mountain was getting over the blame game: "I could have started earlier if...", "I could've been so much farther along if", etc.

I realized I was wasting more time blaming people, places and things around me for my life not better than I was making my life better. When I figured this out and switched my mentality things began to progress much faster.

Jasmine: How far do you hope to stretch yourself personally and professionally?

Erica: I have no upper limit. The more I can surprise myself the better. I'm even open to different career paths if it happens organically.

Jasmine: If there was one word that could describe your journey thus far, Erica, what would that word be?

Erica: Eclectic.

Jasmine: Are there any current or future projects you’d like to talk about?

Erica: Along with Season 4 of Survivor's Remorse coming out this summer I have two Christmas movies coming out this year: "Miss Me This Christmas" and "You Can't Fight Christmas".  The two films are cross-boarded: we shot at the same time with the same director and the stories intertwine as well. I will cameo in YCFC and the star of YCFC will cameo in my film MMTC

Jasmine: Where can you be found on the web?

Erica: @theericaash on IG, Twitter and Facebook  [and] @therealericaash on Snapchat

Jasmine: Thank you, Erica!