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Interview: Simply Vii, Creator of Single Moms 101

Jasmine Edwards

This interview was conducted with Simply Vii, creator of Single Moms 101 brand, media personality, model, host, and dynamic super mom.

Interview: Simply Vii, Creator of Single Moms 101


Jasmine: Hi “Simply Vii”! Thank you for taking the time out to interview with us. You’re the creator of the Single Moms 101 brand, a media personality, model, host, and of course, a dynamic super mom! Tell us more about who you are and what you do? What inspired you to create your brand, “Single Moms 101”?

Simply Vii: Hello! Above all titles I am simply a mother and proud of it.  I like to say, all the other things are just hobbies.  Single Moms 101 is an outlet that I hope to serve out to the mass culture of single mothers with no restrictions on age, weight, race, nationality or professional position in life.  I was born and raised in Albany, Ga and I now live in the Atlanta, Ga. area.  I am a divorcee of a 7yr marriage in which I gained my purpose in life, becoming a mother. (One child was born prior to the marriage).

Jasmine: Life isn't easy and I think we all know that. But, it can be a tad bit more difficult when you have more than yourself to take care of. What difficulties have you had to endure as a single mom of three wonderful children?

Simply Vii: 

The biggest difficulty I have is "not enough time in the day".  

I mean, it feels like my days run together and just tend to go haywire some times.  Sometimes, I look at the children and I feel like I have missed YEARS of their life.  The responsibility of raising them on my own, actually does not affect me at all.  I'd rather KNOW I am supposed to carry the weight alone than to THINK I have someone carrying it with me and I don't!

Jasmine: How have you managed to juggle school, career, being a mother, and being a woman without burning out?

Simply Vii: I have yet to manage it!  I actually do burn out and seems like now, more frequently than ever.  I manage to pull myself back into sanity by taking random, frequent vacations WITHOUT THE KIDS!

Jasmine: Do you have any women that you look up to as inspiration when you’re feeling low in happiness, peace? Can you tell us more about these women and why they are inspirations to you?

Simply Vii: Abolutely! Melvenia J. Loving and Ruby L. Morris. Melvenia is my everything, she is my spiritual adviser and my rider.  I can call her ANY time day or night and she answers the phone.  She is a pastor in Albany, Ga at Evangelistic Temple and she is the coolest person ever.

 She pulls me back into my mental space and she gives me sound, non-biased advice.  She teaches me strength, indirectly and directly.

Recently, she lost her spouse and she was solid as a rock in public, she never left her smile at home. She carries her "lady-like" with her every where she goes.

Ruby is my maternal grandmother.  She took me in when I was on my own and it's through her, that I learned who "A Strong Mother" should be!  She gave birth to 10 children and she raised them all alone.  She embedded in me great work ethic and spectacular work habits.   

Jasmine: What are you most proud of in terms of your accomplishments in life; where do you see yourself career wise in 5 years?

Simply Vii:

I actually have 3 accomplishments, to date, and they are Landon - Bobby & Kaidynn.  They are my career.  

I would not be who I am without them and in 5 years I plan to make them proud by taking them on the road with me to Single Mom 101 conferences, cruises and other excursions.  When they walk the red carpet to launch the Single Moms 101 Magazine.

Jasmine: What advice would you give to other women who are overwhelmed by motherhood as a single parent and are not sure how they can accomplish their dreams?

Simply Vii:

Step back. Breathe. Pray.

Take each day ONE DAY at a time and learn to slow down and soak in every moment as much as you can.  Your children ONLY grow up ONE time - Don't miss it! Your life is not over, it is just beginning and your children are more of a reason to MAKE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE!

Jasmine: How can we keep up with you? Do you have any events are product releases coming up this year that we should be aware of? (Website, social media links, speaking events, product plugs, etc.)

Simply Vii: Website:
IG: @Singlemoms101
FB; Single Moms 101
Event --> 3rd Annual Mother & Son Dance June 20th, 2015 @Smyrna Community Center 

Jasmine: Thanks, Vii!

(Interview originally conducted in June 2015)