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Interview: Producer, Writer, Creator of “Saved In The City,” Tiffany Edwards


Interview: Producer, Writer, Creator of “Saved In The City,” Tiffany Edwards

Jasmine Edwards

She’s creative. She’s smart. She’s funny. Oh, and she’s talented.

Since Our Womanhood is all about being authentic, you know we had to share her story. Tiffany owns her own production company, Stillwind Productions, and is a writer and producer.

If she’s not writing and planning for the next project, she’s taking care of home.

Her stage plays, “Saved in the City,” and “Saved in the City 2,” took the Tampa Bay Area by storm and even hit the D.C. area. The story lines force you to examine your own personal behaviors. We love it!

She is well on her way to becoming a widely-recognized writer and producer across the country.

We’re so glad Tiffany took the time to out to interview with Our Womanhood.

Interview: Producer, Writer, Creator of “Saved In The City,” Tiffany Edwards


Jasmine: Tiffany Edwards! Diva. Producer and writer extraordinaire. Mother. Wife. Minister. Business woman. Tell our readers a little about yourself.

Tiffany: I believe you summed it up! I am Tiffany Edwards and I am the producer, writer and director of Stillwind Productions which was formed in February 2011.  I am the wife of the talented Renard Edwards, better known as R. Anthony, and we have two beautiful little girls, Riana, 8 and Taylor, 4 and they keep us on our toes. 

Jasmine: What made you start your production company, Still Wind Productions? Where did you get the name? 

Tiffany: I wanted to create a platform for fellow actors to show off their talents.  There are not many opportunities here in the bay area so I decided to create it.  The name of the production company came from the street we lived on at the time, Stillwind Drive.  We wanted to always be reminded of where we started and how far we have come.

Jasmine: You know like I know, that every time God is ready to elevate you, there is something ready to pull you down.Tell us about some of the things you went through to get to where you are. 

Tiffany: Where do I start?!  Well let me first start out by saying that when God gives vision he also gives provision.  And I can honestly say that despite the obstacles God always saw us through.  I’ve dealt with it all, uncommitted actors, disrespect, financial issues, but without those struggles I know I wouldn’t be as equipped as I am today. 

Jasmine: Taking on a venture of that magnitude is not only risky but time consuming. So many people give up before they really succeed. Who or what was your support system during your take-off time? What did you do to stay focused on your ultimate goal? 

Tiffany: I credit my husband Renard Edwards, my parents Janessa and Leon Grant and my staff, Yavette Hatfield, Joe Butler and Machela Boone.  These individuals push me, hold me up, encourage me and step in when the load gets too heavy to carry alone.  I’m grateful for them all but mostly my husband.  There is nothing like having a Godly man pour into you in time of need. 

Jasmine: It’s not that common to see Black women doing well in the film and production industry. Your success is extraordinary. Did the overwhelming success of your stage plays, “Saved in the City” and “Saved in the City 2” catch you off-guard?

 Tiffany: Yes it did.  Don’t get me wrong, I knew that I had a great product on my hands and I believed that it would do ok but the outcome far surpassed my expectations.  The audience loved both shows.  Saved in the City was such a hit that I was encouraged to write Saved in the City 2.  Which leads me to share that Saved in the City 2 was selected out of hundreds of submissions to be featured in the Washington DC Black Theatre Festival this year!  And we are so excited!

Jasmie: How has the feedback from your community and beyond helped you to figure out whether this was the right move for you or not? 

The feedback has been phenomenal!  I have received word that seeing me step out on faith encouraged others to do the same.  Some feedback even related to certain story lines in the play and they stated that it encouraged them to keep pushing in their relationships. 

I’ve even had people reach out to me stating that they would like to be a part of my production company and that in itself is amazing because that’s one of the reasons I started this to create platforms for others to blossom.

Jasmine: A lot of people don’t realize the background work that happens in a 1.5 hour stage play. They sit down in their comfortable chairs and expect to be entertained. Period. What type of preparation work is involved in a stage play production? 

Tiffany: My God!  We first go through the auditions and weed out the best fit for the character then we move into practices which last for a period of 3 to 4 months.  Not to mention securing a venue, marketing and advertising and making sure our props are in place for our set.  Just by reading this it may seem like nothing but trust me it’s a lot of work and I couldn’t do it if I didn’t have such a strong support team and staff.

Jasmine: Entertainment is a tough business. A lot of people fail, and it is extremely hard to break in, be successful, AND be respected. What advice can you give to women aspiring to be producers, writers, and film makers? What truths can you share? 

Tiffany: This year will make two years that Stillwind Productions have been in business. 

And yes this business is a tough business to be a part of but the blessing for me is I have fortunately received a lot of encouragement from my fellow directors and writers for both my ability to act as well as write and direct and I am thankful for that.  I’m sure Hollywood is another story. 

But I would encourage anyone aspiring to come in to this business to go after your dreams and let no one stop you or tell you that you can’t because you can.

Jasmine: Do you plan to take your productions to television anytime soon? If so, when can we start looking for you?

Tiffany: We have certainly talked about TV and film projects but at this time we don’t have any target dates but be on the lookout.

Jasmine: What’s one word you would use to describe your journey thus far? 

Tiffany: Rewarding.

Jasmine: Where can we find you on the web?

Tiffany: Website:

(Interview originally published September 25, 2013)

Jasmine: Thank you, Tiffany!