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Lifestyle Blogger, Danielle Faust of, Talks Business, Motherhood, and "No Me Time"


Lifestyle Blogger, Danielle Faust of, Talks Business, Motherhood, and "No Me Time"

Jasmine Edwards

Danielle is naturally funny and doesn't mind being forward about her opinion. You could spend countless hours browsing her site,, not realizing it. Warning- read on an empty bladder.

One thing’s for sure, Danielle knows how to run a business- all while being a wife, mother, and blogger.

The Our Womanhood crew asks Dani about life as a blogger, motherhood, advice for new moms (which is hilarious might we add), and projects she’s working on.

Lifestyle Blogger, Danielle Faust of, Talks Business, Motherhood, and "No Me Time"


Jasmine: What compelled you to start a blog?

Danielle: I'm an over sharer by nature and love to "talk" to people so blogging was a good fit for me as a hobby. I first started my blog as a personal log of my life as it related to my hair. I've since split the two and I maintain the hair blog and the "lifestyle" blog

Jasmine: Had you always known that you wanted to do a blog that centered around you and your family life?

Danielle: Not exactly. After I split the blogs and was posting to more and more, it grew and turned into a bit of a "mommy blog" because that's what I was obsessed with. The blog seems to evolve as I do, going from random life stuff, to wedding/marriage, to pregnancy, to motherhood, and now to balancing motherhood, building a family and building a business.

Jasmine: How has motherhood been for you so far?

Danielle: Oh, motherhood has been awesome so far. Wait...let me fix that...motherhood has been MOSTLY awesome so far.

I suffered a bit of the baby blues, and I definitely suffered a lot from lack of sleep, but other than that, raising my son, Rohan, for the past 10 months has been the greatest joy I've ever known.

(I know that sounds cheesy as heck, but it's really true!) It's frustrating, tiring, rewarding, fun and funny, and every other emotion and feeling, all wrapped into one crazy experience.

Jasmine: Tell us about your son Roey’s personality. Is he more like you or your husband? Is he in a category all by himself?

Danielle: Roey is extremely active. He's a bundle of energy and curiosity, and he definitely has a mind of his own. He is similar to both my husband, John, and I in that respect, because we were both maniacs when we were babies!

I love watching how curious he is and how much he just loves to explore things.

Jasmine: Tell us about the first time your son got sick, and how you reacted.

Danielle: Rohan got a little cold when he was a few months old and I really couldn't do anything for him. I used the little suction thingy to unplug him when his stuffiness got really bad, but honestly, all I could do was hold him, snuggle him, nurse him, and wait for that evil cold to run its course. I think all moms wish they had the magical power to take sickness away from their kids or switch places with them if they could.

Jasmine: You and your husband are a great team when it comes to parenting. Are you looking to add to the family anytime soon?

Danielle: Thank you. We try to make it work. We're talking about baby number two and will start trying later this year.

Jasmine: What do you do to relax that says: “no baby” and “no husband,” just “me” time?

Danielle: No baby? What's that?  

IF that magical scenario existed, I'd honestly....probably just take a nap. An uninterrupted 12 hour nap :)

Jasmine: Do you have any regrets about sharing your trails and truths of motherhood with your readers?

Danielle: Not at all. Other people seem to have very strong views about mommy bloggers sharing their lives with the world wide web, but I have no regrets.

I'm honest, I'm open, nothing can "come back to bite me" because it has all be authentic to who I was at the moment I wrote it.

Jasmine: What real, straight-shooter advice can you give to fairly new mothers with young children?

Danielle: Best advice, don't listen to advice. Do what you feel in your gut is best for you, your child and your family.

Everyone's advice, even your mama's, comes with strings attached, judgment, and are skewed by their value system. As well-meaning as anyone's advice is, you have to always DO YOU. I love listening to advice from other people, but that doesn't mean I follow it! :)

Jasmine: Tell me one word to describe your journey in life thus far.

Danielle: Blessed.

Jasmine: Where can we find you on the web?  

Danielle: Website:

Personal website:

Natural hair website:

Personal FB:

Blog FB:

Jasmine: Are there any projects you are working on now?

Danielle: I'm working on some projects with my life coaching business, and will be offering webinars and workshops soon. With regard to blogging, I'm just working on making a fun place to "hang out." I've been working on a book project for the past year and am excited at how it's coming out. Hopefully next year I'll have it completed.

Jasmine: Thank you, Dani!

(Interview originally published September 18, 2013)