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Interview: Tiffany B Chanel, Abstract Artist, on the Art of Letting Go, the Importance of Cultivating Relationships with Her Supporters, and Experiencing Peace

Jasmine Edwards

Tiffany B Chanel is an abstract artist currently based in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn. As a creative, her work has also encompassed sneaker and jewelry design.  She has produced work for clients such as Tami Roman from Basketball Wives, and actress Tamara Mowry, best known for her role on “Sister, Sister.” Currently, Tiffany hosts “Paint & Chill” sessions on the last Friday of every month, where individuals gather to experience relaxation in an intimate and artistic setting.

Check out the interview I conducted with Tiffany to find out how, as an artist, she has “mastered the art of letting go”; the defining moment that lead her to pursuing her craft full-time; why she chooses to be heavily and directly involved with her community, careful to build solid and trustworthy relationships with her supporters; what happens during her “alone time” in the studio; and the legacy she hopes to leave behind.

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Exclusive Interview: Nikki SooHoo, Actress and World Traveler on Internal Growth, Some of Her Most Memorable Journeys, and Her Dedication to Empower Women

Jasmine Edwards

Nikki SooHoo, originally from Southern California, is an actress, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and dancer. As a world traveler, her trips have taken her to places as far as Europe, Brazil, China, India, Japan, and New Zealand. During her undergraduate journey, Nikki attended the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), majoring in dance. She has built a successful career in Hollywood - best known for her roles in films such as “Stick It,” “Bring It On: Fight to the Finish,” co-starring Christina Milian, and “The Lovely Bones,” directed by Peter Jackson (best known for directing, writing, and producing “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy).

Check out the interview I conducted with Nikki to find out how her travels have taught her the importance of living in the moment, and that “happiness is a choice”; why Japan is coined her most memorable destination; the difficult and transformational experience she had while on a medical missions’ trip in India; what has strengthened her internally; the reason behind starting the “Woman World Changers” series with her best friend, Rachel Brooke Smith, and how she intends to empower women through these messages; and exciting projects she’s working on to include shooting “HEATHERS,” a new TV show for Paramount Network.

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Exclusive Interview: Miranda Rae Mayo of NBC's "Chicago Fire" on Serving Community, the Act of Compassion, and Her Involvement with Baltimore's Holistic Life Foundation

Jasmine Edwards

Miranda Rae Mayo is an actress, singer-songwriter, musician, human and civil rights advocate, and philanthropist. Originally from Fresno, California, she made the decision to leave her hometown in pursuit of a successful acting career, settling in Los Angeles. Currently, Miranda stars on NBC’s “Chicago Fire” as Stella Kidd. Miranda’s acting credits include BET’s “The Game,” ABC Family’s “Pretty Little Liars,” HBO’s “True Detective,” ABC’s “Blood & Oil,” and long-running soap opera, “Days of Our Lives.” She’s also starred in films “We Are Your Friends”  and “The Girl in The Photographs.”

Check out the interview I conducted with Miranda to find out more about how she keeps her soul clear and healthy; her dedication to being a human and civil rights advocate, where it all started, and why “it’s not about her”; what “compassion is a non partisan issue,” truly means; and her involvement with The Holistic Life Foundation, a non-profit organization located in northwest Baltimore who, as Miranda explained, teaches youth ”how to create inner peace while they live in an outer world of chaos.”

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Interview: Nicole Grays Owens, Celebrity Wardrobe Stylist, Writer, and Host on the Impact of Her Weight-loss Journey and the True Essence of Inward Beauty

Jasmine Edwards

Nicole Grays Owens, hailing from Los Angeles, CA,  is a celebrity wardrobe stylist, image consultant, clothing designer, writer, personal transformation expert, and host of two popular podcasts: “Catch the Convo” and "PILLOW TALK: Live in the Living Room with Niko Grey.” Nicole played a major role in the building of a multi-million dollar payroll and staffing company, recently leaving her role in the company to direct her focus on exciting personal projects.

Check out the interview I did with Nicole to find out more about her transformational weight loss journey; the difficulties she’s endured with men and women post-surgery and how she takes it in stride; although the process lacked ease, how her weight-loss journey experience now seamlessly blends with and adds to her career as a celebrity stylist; her take on the connection between energy and inward beauty; how she beautifies her sacred space; and exciting future projects she has in store to include the creation of an Old Hollywood glam pin-up calendar, and the launch of a fictional novel and line of barware.

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