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Living a life of service. Our Womanhood is for phenomenal women who are on a quest to take "living a life of service" to the next level. We focus on living a life of service through serving yourself, significant other, family, friends, community, and career. #LALOS #Ourwomanhood #OW #90DaysWC


What kind of "confident woman" does Our Womanhood + Co.  serve?

She is self-assured and promotes self-love. Our confident woman has flaws and is unaplogetically unashamed. She empowers herself and others. Our confident woman is a goal-getter, a dreamer, and most importantly a do-er. She accepts correction, but will also correct you. 

She is a friends that answer the phone in the middle of the night.  She is a sister. Aunt. Mother. Yogi. Wive. Professor. Girlfriend. Lover. Editor. Lawyer. Student. She is the light of the "Girl's Night Out" crew. She is not afraid to go after what she deserves. Our confident woman asks for raises, creates her own jobs, and stands up for her rights.

Our confident woman is also a very informed buyer; when weighing her options for what products would most suit her needs, she looks at a companies' brand, message, and the quality of the products they offer, ensuring that it aligns with her own personal values.

What is Our Womanhood + Co. ?

Our Womanhood + Co. is an interview-driven lifestyle brand with a luxury angle for confident, philanthropic-minded women. Our focus is on womanhood; philanthrophy and community service; bath and beauty; travel; art; and music. Our company not only focuses on women empowerment, but has expanded into offering our exclusive luxury bath and beauty subscription box, and other high-quality individual items sold seperately. Find out more information on our "About Our Womanhood" page.

What is the Our Womanhood + Co. luxury bath and beauty subscription box?

Our Womanhood + Co. subscription box is a bi-monthly luxury bath and beauty subscription box for confident, philanthropic-minded women who are conscious about what they use on their skin.   All of our products are from the Our Womanhood + Co. brand, all-natural, sustainable, and are made with the finest, highest-quality ingredients, with new scents offered in each box. 

Do you donate to non-profit organizations?

Yes! Delivering full-sized items every other month to our membership, 100% of the net profits from individual items soldeach subscription box is donated to a majority woman-founded and or woman-led non-profit organization. 

I'm not interested in the subscription box. Do you sell individual items?

Yes, please see our products page!

I'm not interested in the subscription box. Do you offer gift boxes? 

Sorry, not at this time. Please refer to the our products page. When you're ready, feel free to subscribe when the window is open!

What is the cost of an Our Womanhood + Co. bath and beauty subscription box?

We will be releasing the price soon!

Why is the Our Womanhood + Co. luxury bath and beauty subscription box every other month instead of every month?

It was created this way so that our members could enjoy the contents of their box rather than rush through it before the next one arrived.  Every other month gives our members just enough time to use their products and look forward to their the next shipment.

How does the Our Womanhood + Co. subscription box work?

Please see our "How It Works" page.

How can I be considered for an interview by Our Womanhood + Co.?

(Jasmine) Although I seek out interviews on my own, I do accept submissions if the interview resonates with the Our Womanhood + Co. community. Please email me with the title "Possible Interview: (Name)" to jasmine @ ourwomanhood .com. Please include social media links.

What is the refund policy?

Please refer to our terms and conditions.

Can I return an item from the box?

The subscription box and individual items within it are non-refundable. If a product is defective or damaged, it may be replaced. If you wish to stop recieving products, please unsubscribe. If wanting a refund on (a) product (s) purchased individually, if it is eligible for a refund, it will be written in the product description section. For more information, please see our terms and conditions.

I recieved broken and/or damaged items in my subscription box. What should I do?

Please refer to our terms and conditions, and contact customerservice @ ourwomanhood .com .

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! Shipping, tax, and import fees may apply and must be paid by purchaser of product/service. Please see our terms and conditions page for more information. Not all items are eligible internationally. Currently, the subscription box and the bath and body products are not available internationally.

Is shipping and handling included in the price?

Unfortunetly, no it is not. Shipping and handling is separate. Please see our terms and conditions page for more information.

What is your shipping and handling policy?

Please see our shipping and handling policy.

What are the terms and conditions?

Our terms and conditions can be found here.

What is the cancellation policy?

You may cancel at anytime by logging into your account. 

Are there cancellation fees?

There are no cancellation fees.

Will I ever recieve the same product twice in the subscription box?

Products won't be considered for re-entry into the subscription box until 2-3 years from it's first introduction. Also, it may be re-introduced after 1 year based on community feedback.