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Ladies, 5 Things to Know about an Omega Psi Phi Man: Homage to the Que’s


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Ladies, 5 Things to Know about an Omega Psi Phi Man: Homage to the Que’s

Jasmine Edwards

 Credit: UC.EDU Libraries

Credit: UC.EDU Libraries

Homage to the Men of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity , Inc. 


It’s always interesting to delve into subject matter concerning our men as there’s always something to discuss. Am I right? Today, I decided to do our Straight-Shooter Edition on the men of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.—some of whom I've grown to know and love.

Omega men are some of the smoothest and intelligent brothers out there. But, they are also some of the most misunderstood men around. They tend to get side-eyed from women when disclosing the news about their fraternity identification.

“Oh, so you’re a Que…” you manage to utter while simultaneously administering major attitude, “I know ALL about the Que’s.” You stare him up and down, as if he just grew an extra leg on the outside of his thigh. Stories about the Omegas—even if it has nothing to do with the man standing in front of you—tend to have a lingering effect and forever sit in the forefront of your mind; a remembered thought that gets awakened anytime you meet one. Heck, it’s not like you don’t remember your college days. Your memory is still intact—working just fine. And, boy does your mind consists of a vivid recollection of memories: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

But, you have to give a Que a break. Most of them—at least 10 years removed from college—don’t even have time for “it” anymore (feel free to insert whatever you want in place of the word “it”.) Whatever you think they’re up to, they’re probably not.

The man is just trying to live, eat bread, and make sure his ends are squared away. Really.

Like anyone else, he can’t be thrown into the same general pool as every other Que. They are individuals like you and I and deserve to be treated as such.

Most of the time (again, we are talking about the 30 and up crew) the man can’t keep his eyes open past 10:00 pm. For example, he gets a call from a young bruh. The only part of the conversation you hear is from his end. Keep in mind that he’s already in bed because he has to go to work in the morning. “Hello? Party? Tonight? Man, it’s Wednesday. It’s not going to work, bruh.  Yeah, Roo.”

So, below is a quick list of basic things to know about a Que. Read on!


1. “Atomic Dog”= Hop Time.

Let George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic’s “Atomic Dog” be in ear shy of an Omega man and watch as the inevitable unfolds: starting in the shoulders, it rhythmically moves its way into the hands, and strategically works its way down to the feet. Any place, anytime.

Weddings. Parties. Meetings. Church. Funerals. Parking Lots. Parades.

Hopping will happen.

2. They MAKE the party come alive.

I don’t care what age group you fall under, you’ll never be at a function with a Que—whether it’s a cook out or black tie affair— where they aren't keeping things alive and well. This doesn't mean “wild,” it simply means that you won’t go home feeling like you wasted your time.

They are far from being uptight, so feel free to mingle. You’re there to have a good time and so are they. I have yet to experience a “tight neck” Que. Not only are they enjoyable to be around, they are also some of the most lovable men you’ll ever meet. Don’t like being hugged? Stay far, far away from a Que.

3. Forget what you heard. They are some of the most educated brothers around the way. Don’t be fooled—not by a long shot.

There’s a reason why Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. accepted them into their brotherhood. Every man who desires to become an Omega isn’t given the opportunity. If that happened, there wouldn’t be any standards these men would be held to, now would there be? Those boots painted in “old gold,” that sit at the top shelf in their closet didn’t come from Santa Clause. They worked for it and they earned it.

Omega’s are indeed an educated and talented bunch. All over the world, these business men, leaders, educators, and lawyers are making powerful moves.

So, don’t let the “dog” in them fool you.

4.They have a …past.

There is an emphasis on the word "past" for a reason. Everyone has one. Don’t go looking for information about them behind their backs. I'm sure you wouldn't appreciate a snooper. We're all grown here and can refrain from teenage-like mannerisms. Want to know something? Ask him. Forewarning—you may not like what you hear. My suggestion is that you not dig too deeply into his past, (those early Que days)—especially if they pledged undergrad pre-1999.

If you're just having a friendly conversation and not looking for a romantic connection, then fire away. Otherwise, asking about things from more of an academic approach might be a better idea. Especially in the first conversation.

Let’s just say, they had their fun and then some.

5. They can sing Omega Psi Phi songs and chant…for hours (and hours).

Anytime a group of Que’s get together, a song emerges. One minute they're talking about the football game and the next they're chanting. Be prepared because it will happen. And, don’t let them be gathered at someone’s home. It’s a done deal. If that’s not something you’re willing to sit through, then maybe being around an Omega man is not for you.

For them, it’s all a part of being a man, keeping the bond tight, and continuing the traditions of times past. If anything, you should be glad that men know how to come together to spend quality time. These days, you can hardly sit men in the same room without them getting uncomfortable and needing so-called “space.”

This list is in no way exhaustive. Just basic knowledge and fun facts to know. Does some of this look familiar to you? 

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